Starter Kits

Posted by Fat Guys Fishing on Sep 7th 2023

Starter Kits

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Introducing our Starter Kits! 

We recently started selling low cavity molds to introduce our new molds, with the idea that some fisherman might want to try a new bait but aren't completely sold on it yet. With these low cavities, you can try new things without breaking the bank. Then we thought, who wants to start making baits, but doesn't know where to start? Probably a lot of people, as sometimes this hobby can become overwhelming quickly. Plus, what better way to introduce kids into fishing and bait making, then having them catch a fish on a bait they made! 

We currently offer our Starter Kits with the following molds: 

2" Stinger Tail, 2" Poison Tail Slayer, 3.3" FGF Bug, 3.5" FGF Craw, 3.5" Standard Craw, 3.5" Tomahawk, 5" Stick Bait, 6" Mack, and 8" Hanging Grub

The kit will include:

-1 Quart of Plastisol

-4 Ounce Injector

-2 Colors (2 oz Bottles, Options include Green Pumpkin, Watermelon, Black, White, Plum)

-2 Glitters (2 oz Containers, Options include Jet Black, Halo, Royal Blue, Apple Red)

-15 Bait Bags (Small, Medium, and Large sizes)

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or concerns regarding the starter kits!

If you have made it to the end of this spiel, I can offer you a discount if you decide to order a Starter Kit! Use the code KIT at checkout to get 10% off.