-What is a 'Laminate Plate'?

  A laminate plate is a blank piece of aluminum. It is intended to be used in addition to the mold, it cannot produce baits by itself. Laminate plates are used to create laminates or two-colored baits with only one injector, no dual injector required. 


- Confused? Yeah, us too.

Complete 2-Part System: This consists of two molds. A body mold and a shoot from the tails mold. This system allows you to create a two-colored bait with as much ease as possible. 

Extra Main Mold: This is a shoot from the tails mold. Lay your bodies into this mold. These molds cannot create full baits. There will be dents. 

Extra Body Mold: Just the bodies! 

Traditional Shoot from Head: This mold is just like every other mold we have! You can shoot it normally. 

Mini-System: Don't need a lot of cavities? This is a small mold that has both parts of the system in it. Shoot the bodies on one side, then lay them in the other half and shoot the tails! 

Slide System: Pull the brass rods up and shoot the bodies, slide the brass rods down and shoot the tails. No need to wait long, shoot within 30 seconds for a seamless adhesion. 

All in One System: Similar to our mini-system, this mols has both parts of the system in it. Shoot the bodies on one side, then lay them in the other half and shoot the tails! This system has more cavities than the mini-system. 


- How long will it take to receive my order?

   All of our molds are made to order. Our lead times are always displayed at the top of our webpage. A lead time is the time from when we receive your order to when it is shipped out. Please be patient when ordering newer molds or different cavity counts as this may add a few days to your lead time due to programming. Keep in mind, we try to spend the weekends with our families and fishing, so orders will not be shipping Saturday - Sunday. 


- How will my package be delivered?

   We are currently shipping our molds through USPS Priority Mail. Our injectors are currently being sent through UPS.


- Where do you ship?

   We are currently shipping everywhere! However; for international orders, please email us at admin@fatguysfishing.com with what you would like to order along with an address. 

** A note for international buyers: Items shipped outside of the United States may be subject to import duties, taxes and/or charges which are not included in the total cost of the order, nor will they be covered or reimbursed. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to placing your order. 


- Do you make custom molds?

   Yes! We can scale any mold to different sizes. If you are looking for something more detailed, please email us at admin@fatguysfishing.com with specific details and we will see what we can do. 


- Can you engrave my molds?

   It depends! Please email us at admin@fatguysfishing.com before placing your order to discuss. Some molds we cannot engrave due to their intense designing detail. A reminder that not all letters, words, or phrases will fit on the molds.


- Do you offer a military discount?

   Yes! Please message us via. email, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram. 


- Can I return my molds?

   Please contact us at admin@fatguysfishing.com to sort out your return or issues. We are happy to help with pouring advice. Please note that you must contact us within 30 days to discuss. Fat Guys Fishing reserves all rights to decide if the item can be returned/exchanged.


- My thumbscrews broke, can I buy extra?

  Of course! Head to our "Parts and Pieces" page to get extra supplies of everything you need/want.


- Items "In Stock" or "Blemish"

  When ordering these items, they will be shipping faster than the lead time. If you place an order with these items along with other molds or items, the lead time will apply. I recommend making a second purchase to get these items quicker.